I have spent the last year illustrating for an inspiring art collective. The writing is exciting and the exercise has pushed my practice forward. Working for the sake of exploration and refinement has proven to be far more rewarding when shared.

Le Shindig
is an online literary journal and creative writing collective. A group of avid young writers go on a fictional adventure, come of age, experiment, make messes. Le Shiding sells the lit dream, également en français.” – le shindig

Read Who’s Wishes by Nicole Leigh-Bennett

Read Deliberately Shameless by Meghan Gagliardi

Read 4 by Soukayna

Read Ghost in the Machine by Lila Platt

Read Strive Anew by Sofia Bach

Read Void by Sofia Bach

Read Breathin’ Under by Lila Platt

Read J’ai promis que c’était la dernière fois by Kenza Chahlouni


Read Marker & Metal by Nicole Leigh-Bennett

Read February & July Especially by Meghan Gagliardi


Read On People of the Present, Future by Christelle Saint-Julien


Read Orange by Bénédicte Simard

Read An Ode to Being Stuck by Lila Platt

Read Individual by a Breeze by Nicole Leigh-Bennett

Read Malaise by Bénédicte Simard

Read The Year Nothing Got Done/Fixed by Christelle Saint-Julien