What is home to you? Where do you retreat to? It can be a place, real or not. The house you grew up in, a secret place, a scene from your favourite book or a memory you relive. Is it a place you visit everyday or only when you need to? Is it yours alone or is it a shared space?

Where do your instincts bring you when you feel nostalgic, crave comfort and connection? Where do you go to meet that emotional need?

These stories will be used as raw material for a project. Submissions can come in any form you like. A written description, a story inspired by your safe space, a poem or a visual depiction. Pictures, collages and drawings are welcome. Audio or video files are also encouraged. I’m open to interviews (one-on-one/group discussions) that will be recorded and transcribed. Music, movement…whatever way best communicates your story!

At its core, this project is about mental health and the spaces we learn to experience as safe and affirming. Feeling safe is a crucial part of our mental and physical health. Our experience of safety varies but the human need for it is universal.

This is a bit of a passion project for me; my own experiences with chronic illness have changed many things in my life over the past four years. I am redefining my concept of home and safety and what these experiences have done to my perception of them. I hope sharing these stories will help you better connect to yours.

If you’re interested in sharing or would like to know more about the project (details about sharing, what will be done with the stories and anonymity), you can message me through this site, via Facebook or at (please put Safe as Houses in the subject line).

More info on the project and its progression to come. A hint, it involves miniature diagrams. I’ve already received such amazing stories and am looking forward to what is to come!

P.S. In case you’re curious. One of my safe places is the moon. When I’m feeling overwhelmed I sit and stare at the earth from the best seat in the house. Imagining the deep silence of space does the trick.